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find-a-pet-about-usThere is nothing more exciting for a family than welcoming a new pet into the home. While there are many non-profit organisations and breeders which provide professional services, there has been media exposure of those who put on a professional front but behind the scenes, their animals are treated in horrendous conditions.

We at Find a Pet strive to ensure that all non-profit organisations and breeders listed here are registered with the associations relevant to their activities – such as the Kennel Breeders Association of South Africa – thus ensuring you are dealing with reputable organisations when sourcing your pets.

The top reasons people don’t adopt pets from shelters is due to the:

  • Doubts about shelters
  • Uncertainty about the pet adoption process.

Find a Pet provides you with a list of organisations that have been screened and vetted for reputability and gives exposure to the professional breeders and shelters in South Africa so as to formalise the decision making process. The final choice resides between you and the relevant organisation you choose to deal with. (See Terms & Conditions below).

Homeless and breeder pets have the same rights in terms of the need for a home and a loving family.

Adoption Process

Each adoption process differs depending on the non-profit organization or breeder. That means the process will be slightly different depending on where you go. But there are some common things you can expect:

  • Visit and Interview. Once you’ve chosen the pet which seems right for your family, you’ll contact a representative from the local adoption group. They’ll ask you some questions to make sure that the pet is a good match for your home. They may also have valuable information for you about the pet’s personality, medical history and habits.
  • Paperwork and Adoption Fees. You will fill out an application form and pay a reasonable adoption fee, which is set by the adoption partner.
  • Taking your pet home. In some cases, you’ll take your pet home on the same day. But there are some adoption companies that require a background check and/or home visit to ensure the pet’s long-term safety. Ask your adoption representative about this at the beginning of the process if waiting a few days is not what you had in mind.
  • Adoption Fees. Find a Pet is simply the middle man between your “to be best friend” and the adoption organisation. No fees may be sub-charged for using Find a Pet by the adoption organisation.

Find a Pet’s Goal to our furry friends and to you as a Pet Parent

The goal of Find a Pet is to help find a lifelong, loving home for every pet thus to give you the pleasure of being a Pet Parent and finding a new best friend.

There is nothing more exciting for a family than welcoming a new pet into the home. Through this site, we hope to ensure that excitement stays positive over the long term through you making the right decision up front rather than facing disappointment when your new, loving pet, turns out to be a nightmare instead of a friend.

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